About Us

Orez Tailoring is a service that is available to those who want to bring back life into their clothes. Our passion for fixing up clothes and our attention to detail is what makes us unique. Our goal is to have your clothes fit you well by using our expertise to alter the items to perfection, while using whatever required time frame.

  What do we do?

With our tailoring & alterations skills, we are able to take the unfitting or damaged clothing items and restore them to look how you want them to look. It can range from a simple hem shortening, to a major modification!

 We can assure you that your items are in the best possible hands. We always pay close attention to details so that the end results show no hint of alterations.

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What is a transformation?

Along with altering your unfitting clothing, we enjoy bringing back life into them with our skills of transformations. We consider a transformation as a form of restyling and reconstructing, giving the items an opportunity to re-present its look by our adjustments. This is done the best when we have a taste of your style and persona.

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