Services & Pricing

With our experience, we have become an amazing resource when it comes to our tailoring and alterations. An alteration is a solution that can happen when you run into problems with your clothing item not fitting you the way that you want. There are many types of alterations that are able to fix up those problems! 
Some of those problems may include when your item is too loose or too tight, if there is an area that is too long or too short, if there is a bad rip or tear, missing zipper, or any other problem that is annoying or unflattering to your figure! We pay close attention to produce the best end results! 
 Here is a starting list of the type of alterations we are able to help you with….
 o Tapering/ Taking In
 o Hemming/cuffing 
 o Shirttail hem 
 o Tear/Rip
  o Zippers  
o And more, just ask!

The prices we give represent...

1.  The amount of time spent 

2. The cost that develops

3. The type of item that is brought 

4. The level of skill that is needed to perform 

  A cost estimate will be given after our first consultation, and the final price is given after the work is complete and you are satisfied. 

Check out our link & contact us for a general range of our starting prices!

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