What is tailoring?

Tailoring is the skill of adjusting clothes to fit a person’s unique body shape, and just about anything can be adjusted!

Why should I tailor my clothes?

It helps you feel more comfortable & confident

  • What a tailor can do is alter an item to fit YOU and for how YOUR body shape is. Find THE perfect fit
  • When you buy clothing from a store, it is typically made Ready-To-Wear and is already designed and altered to fit the online model representing the style. This can even be seen regularly when shopping online.
  • The results of the tailoring complements your unique body type

It can make your clothes look high end

  • It doesnt matter where you grabbed it from or how much it cost if it doesnt fit right!
  • Whether from a thrift store, to Fashion Nova, to a high end fashion boutique, you want it to look good on you

It can help clothes last longer

  • A good alteration can help save a clothing item you love that is in danger of becoming unwearable.
  • You may feel like you lost a favorite clothing item due to a broken zipper, rips, or any other damages, but a good tailor can fix that!

You spend less time & money shopping

  • Instead of having to buy a clothing item again because it doesn’t look correct or doesn’t fit right, you can tailor it up so you don’t have to go out and replace it. 
  • Spending time looking for the exact piece you previously bought can also use up time that you could be using somewhere else! 
  •  Sometimes you have that one clothing item piece you can't find anywhere else that you don’t want to let go of. Well tailoring can fix that!

Where should I start with trying tailoring?

Take a moment to step into your closet and see if you can find anything that.....

- Doesnt fit you anymore
- The items fit, but could fit better
- You dont wear often anymore

A few alterations to try out that are worth it

- Shorten a shirt
- Take in a pair of pants
- Shorten straps or shoulder
- Hem pants 
- Replace button or zipper
- Slim down a sleeve
- Add darts
- And more!!

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