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Thank you for showing intrest in buying a custom item from Orez!

Our unique gems are created with your vision, specific to what you want, including...
- Colors
- Styles
- Details
- & more!

Do you see a particular item on our website that you like but want it in a different color? 
Let us know!
Have you seen an item/pattern online that you would just love to have created for you? 
Let us know!

This is a space to bring your ideas to life

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Dallas, Texas


Having Some Inspiration?

Your Ideas
Our goal is to get the vision you have out of your head & into reality. Bring that idea you have to us!
Different Colors
Do you see a product on the site that you like, but want it with a more specific color? Ask us about it & lets see what we can do!
Best quality
We treat each piece we create like a gem. We take time with each item and produce it with good quality. Expect nothig but the best from us!

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